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We are a part of a diverse group of IT business owners and IT channel vendors from around the world. Our members view us as a trusted source of information, so when you sponsor IT Business Owners Group (ITBOG), you not only gain brand awareness, you gain brand credibility. 
Sponsor Spotlight Directory - Reserved For Sponsors Only
Sponsors are listed and promoted in our website online directory, Sponsor Spotlight. In the directory, each sponsor has a listing, which includes their logo, brief description of the brand, and a link to an online explainer video. 
Quarterly Sponsor Announcement
Sponsor are included in the quarterly Sponsor  Announcement post on Facebook. This includes a direct link in the post to sponsors' website and public Facebook page. This post will remain in the announcements section during the entire quarter and will be pinned to the top of the group for all members to see except for when a specific sponsored post is running.
Create Promotional Posts
Sponsors are encouraged to  create promotional posts inside of our private Facebook group. These promotional posts can be marked as announcements and can be pinned to the top of the private group, upon request. These are the first posts that members see when they login to the group. Please be advised that promotional posts are available on a first come first served basis.
Create Facebook Events
Sponsors can create new events and have them listed under the events section of the private Facebook group. This is popular with sponsors that host and promote webinars. 

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photo of mitch kranitz who is the managed service provider channel manager for print partner
Mitch Kranitz
MSP Channel Manager
Print Partner
"The marketing dollars we have invested in a sponsorship with ITBOG gives us far and above the best return we have ever received from any sponsorship. We look forward to continuing our relationship with ITBOG in the future."
Contact Mitch for free at our Members site. Register Here. 

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Want to have your brand highlighted across multiple channels? By partnering with us, you'll get a unique sales advantage: the ability to interact with new potential customers through engaging content production and interactive events. 

We promote you as an expert in your field, so in order to do this we have a thorough verification process. 

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