ITBOG Membership Guidelines

You are more than likely here to learn from other business owners facing your same issues, and/or simply want to bounce ideas off other like-minded business owners. Most members within the ITBOG community run either a MSP, or a Break/Fix, organization, or even a mixture of both.

What is not allowed within the ITBOG community is for a non-vendor member to use the group’s membership base to push or promote their own products in the form of a post or comment designed and crafted to drive the membership base directly to you for monetary gain. If you feel that you would like to move over to a vendor role within the community please reach out to an administrator.

This group is all about helping each other find solutions to both technical issues as well as ways to generate more business and help you be successful.

Universal Posting Guidelines

  • No discussions of Politics or Politicians (This is a tech group)
  • No discussions of Religion (This is a tech group)
  • Be respectful of ALL members (Condescending discussions will get you banned)
  • This is a professional community, please conduct yourself the same way you would in front of your clients

We thank you for your cooperation in following these simple rules, and for making the ITBOG the biggest group on the internet of its kind!