Note for members, here is a well know list of scam type questions going on in the group. Feel free to add on. I’ll make an ITBOG page with this information and anyone who asks another questions about “is this legit” we can send them to the site to learn about that scam, other scams that are new, etc. There are too many folks asking these questions routinely. We also want to protect our members from clicking on any rogue links. Please add on here! Thanks!

1.) Any incoming requests from people wanting to buy computers in bulk, Windows refresh, etc.
2.) Any emails that have a scare involving a past password, even if it’s a real password you have used
3.) Office 365 phishing scam emails
4.) Fake website portals
5.) 1-800 fake Microsoft calls with numbers to have other members “Mess with them”.
6.) Facebook scam links/we are aware lol