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Internetek Inc has been serving the Louisville, Kentucky area since 2007, providing IT support such as technical helpdesk support, server support, and consulting to small and medium-sized businesses.

What’s the difference between a work-around and a solution? For many IT companies there isn’t one. It works now so they’re done and moved on to the next problem. That’s like throwing on a donut spare tire when you get a flat. It works, but for how long? At Internetek, we don’t stop until we have identified the problem, solved the problem, and can explain to you what happened. When we’re done we leave you in a better place than we started.

We treat our people right so they treat our clients right. We don’t overload our staff, they get the best tools, paid training and certifications, escalation support, and flexible hours. When you call us for help you always get us at our best. Being smart with our staff keeps us under twenty minutes for response time and an average of two hours for resolution.