Hollywood PC & Data Recovery

Hollywood PC & Data Recovery


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Text/Call: 323-387-3492


Over $15,000.00 in forensic imagers on-site.

For any actual business I am offering first recovery free, after that $100.00 per recovery plus return shipping.

Recovery Services:

  • Any drive, any size. Drive must still spin, must not be clicking or beeping.
  • Raw, Failure to Mount, Failure to Boot, etc.
  • RAID: $100.00 per drive


Submission Method:

Including inside the box your full contact information.

Ship To:


Attn: Bobby Rose

5515 Butler Ct

Colorado Springs CO 80918

If you do not include a target drive for recovery I will sell you one at my cost (retail).

No upfront payment, no payment unless satisfied. No recovery, no charge and no charge for return shipping if recover is not successful.